Wednesday, August 30, 2006

seredipity in the underpass...

Still basking in the afterglow of the serendipitous event yesterday… today is not so bad either if not for ripping my good ole mossimo jean Capri.. dang!!! This is one of my favorite pairs pa naman. Oh dear!!!

I’m supposed to go to the gym tonite but with the ripped jeans and all???nahhh, I’ll just swing by tomorrow. Anyway, I plan to go there this Friday too. Need time alone. Naks…I’ll see if I can do an hour in the morning before my dream stint.

I had a moment awhile back when Miss J stepped into the booth and said I’ve been harboring all this longing and feelings for six friggin long years. But, but, but… I think twas just a cosmic anomaly. They insist we’re kindred spirits. I dunno though. Doesn’t feel like it. Never did. But I wouldn’t say it wouldn’t…hmmmh.

I miss the Island boy. He emailed me Monday to tell me that I look damn beautiful…yeah right. Like that’s what I wanna hear from him. Geez…

Anyway, distraught as I may, I am looking forward to the next weekend. My friend Rachelle’s treating us to a day of relaxation while me and Almawill have to take care of the games—something I suggested to take our get-togethers to the next level. I mean after how many sleep-overs, we surely could use something different… soooooooooo, in come the games…hehehehe… I am such a genius!!! Bwehehehehe..

Am I happy??? Just a random thought that slipped thru my mind while writing this entry… well, I am lucky and for that I have to be. That’s my answer for now. I do welcome change much better these days than before. Things are getting better if I may say so. I could also say that I guess I’m growing up too.

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