Tuesday, April 19, 2005

ho-hum tuesday

too many things bothering me today.it shouldn't i know,but i practically have no choice but to get bothered because it involves my grades.since when did i become grade-conscious, eh??? well, i guess when you get older and you feel that you know better now, you tend to expect to get a little more credit now...and the expectations just gets more and more.
so far, i've tried to fix my priorities.at least,i've set goals and i've written down the things that need to be accomplished asap. but something about everything that gets a little too heavy to think about and a little too complicated to comprehend today.it's just today.today just feels different.my horoscope is cryptic as always so that wasn't much of a help. could it be, that i started my day on the wrong foot?is it because dear island boy has dished out some bleeders early today after playing it cool and unnerved?hmmmmh...could only wonder!

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sweetmisery said...

i was never grade-conscious as well...until now. =/