Thursday, September 14, 2006

Laborem not gloriam...


That's basically what I try to tell myself whenever I get frustrated. Actually, they're doing me a favor. Less work for me--- fine!!! I'm okey with it.

One day, when I go back to this day, I'll just laugh about it. But today, I feel like getting all angry. Anger's not usually part of my system, but I do get it once in a while.

Props to friends like John of LSfm who always has something good to say to cheer me up. La la la la he goes...something about that "ironic" (pronounced as ayornik) friend he says and his comatosed showbiz career. That made me laugh even harder. Sweet!!!

Anyway, I was supposed to blog about this yesterday but couldn't get myself to do it. Well, fortunately or unfortunately the sentiments are the same today as yesterday.

Another thing that got me down thinking is the imminent migration of my dear little baby grand kid Chanchan to Canada. My bro called up early today telling me to go there as well. I'd want to, I just dunno if this is the right time. I mean, I am really happy here. But I know I'd be sad when Apachichi leaves. He's my sweet little baby...=( Even sadder is the fact that they have to leave before October 27th... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? It's Christmas time. dang!

Oh well, I need some cheering up to do. I'm really going to the mall today. Find something to buy. Whateveeeerrrr!!!

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