Monday, June 12, 2006

swallowing and wallowing with the bitter truth...

There's just too many things in my head right now... I even found myself gasping for breath and tryna keep calm. I wanted to say something. But I know I shouldn't. But when I think about it even more, I should've spoken a long time ago. I dunno what's wrong. I dunno if I've done people wrong, if my family has done people wrong to even deserve this sort of situation. It was suspension of disbelief. I was on the brink of breaking down and just exploding like a hot mass ... Geez.

At least I got to let it out on driving today. I think I shall be ready by say, next month??? Hopefully, I've mustered enough strength by then to just like Taytay would sing: Taking it to the streets!!!

Oh man oh man... I still need to work on overcoming my fears. I know I should take control because the truth is, I'm in control. Like I always am.

I'm tryna fix my life and then this... if I just let it go, this is like witnessing a murder and keeping mum about it. It's not what I stand for. I know I should do something. Anyway, I sought the help of my sib. Let's just hope and pray she'd know what to do. Else, I have to take matters into thy hands *gulp*

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