Wednesday, March 23, 2005

ice water effect

just when my worries are far from over, in comes another one. is it payback time for all the wonderful things i've been enjoying the past few? wait, there weren't so great after all, so please, come on...the pressure has gone stronger today than any other day.and i can't seem to talk about it to anyone else better than myself...
sooner or later, i'd have to decide. but thing is, am i really ready for this?sad fact is, i know i'm not.
this is just like pouring ice water on me on a cold december morning in baguio. i know i wont die of it, but i know i'll never be the same again. gad, what have i done now? geez.

like doing laps in an f1 race, am i ready to go on full throttle or should i go for a pit stop and check on the squeaky front tires? oh gad. i have other worries that need my full attention when this equally important thing came up. oh man, should i ? or should i? bamboozled and discombobulated both won't suffice to describe the state of confusion i am in right now.

i feel that i really have no luck in love. i shouldve thought about this a long time ago. remind me not love my job that much that i couldn't really decide objectively.i have to admit, i had high hopes, and why not, i'm not getting any younger but still, i could only lash out sighs and more sighs. oh man.

time to rethink the possibilities i suppose and work around them...i'm not looking forward to another bucket of ice water, no thanks!

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