Thursday, March 17, 2005

destiny to fulfill...

I've been working on my paper for the longest time. I think my autistic tendencies are at it again.Argh. But I'm making headway I believe. I just have to give myself sometime to sit down and relax . But that's what I've been doing, haven't I?

Anyway, I just found out that Destiny's Child is really coming to Manila in April. Whoaaa, aren't I excited to see the girls! Go Beyonce...Go Kelly...Go Michelle!!! Time to unearth my DC discography.

Looking forward to this weekend though. My buddies from highschool would be treating us out . Two of them have celebrated their birthdays and so we're in for a fantastic weekend...I just hope to be well by then. I've been sickly the past. To think I haven't been really working that hard. Look I've been procrastinating over my paper for a week and a coupla days already. Sigh!!!

Here's to me and all the hardworking people out there! Cheers!

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