Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Speaking Tongues...

Can’t quite put a finger on it.  But I’ve been having this nagging feeling that I should be doing something.  And see that’s the problem I don’t even know where I should start, and what should I really be doing now. I can think of about a hundred things to change and improve on, but I dunno.

I admit, I have lost the drive. The umph. That so called motivation. That moving force. Forzaaaa!!! Shhhhh!  But I have been taking my jobs for granted. Been laxing around. I dunno. I feel I’m only working at a measly 65%.

Well, anyway…backtracking on the December that was:

My sister was home for the holidays. She got here on 16th.  I finally met my bro-in-law.  He’s Jewish by the way, and he has completely transformed my career-driven sister to a submissive wife. Bleh! But still he makes for a really nice Kuya, mind you. He instantly warmed up to all of us, although we’re kinna weirded out by the occasional fasting and this didn’t just involve food. We’re also talking about skipping the time for socializing.  Like closing to the world of sorts.  Something admirable especially in a world full of distractions and earthly endeavors, you know what I mean.  Anyway, another admirable trait of Kuya Henry is that he’s pretty generous. Yup, he was the one who got and picked up our pasalubongs. I got a SAKS leather demi backpack and cute Tommy Hilfiger hand bag.  And then I got my eye on my sister’s Bare Minerals makeup line…gad, the best makeup I’d ever seen. Ofcourse it’s not available here.  My sis was about to give it to me when Kuya Henry said they should buy me my own set suited for my skin tone. My sister’s kinna peachy and so I’d be needing something lighter. Oooh…and by the way, my sister’s into that PROACTIV skincare solutions, and to my surprise, it’s actually working. I thought that was all a hoax.  Well prolly they’re selling fakes here in the Philippines.  But, yeah, it’s working pretty good on my sister. She looked really good and flawless.  She actually looked about 5-8 years younger.  Dang!!! They got to spend Christmas day with the rest of the brood. They came to the house and tinkered with the newly bought HP.  Kuya Henry wanted to teach dadi and mami how to use the internet for their real estate dealings.  But you know, nothing beats face to face interpersonal discourse when purchasing lots and all... and for years on end, it’s been working well for my folks.  Oh but I’m digressing. Back to my ate and kuya, so well, Kuya Henry’s pretty game.  He sings well, and to our surprise my Ate now sings, and she digs broadway musicales too…whoaaaaa! When my ate attended their school reunion hosted by our eldest kuya, they got so aliw with the Wow Magic Sing. Naks!!!They plan to get one soon... well Kuya’s not so hard to please.  Little things could already make him smile. Like the pineapples in Tagaytay.  Yey, them pineapples again.  He’s pretty excited to build a house in my dad’s newly acquired lot in Silang, Cavite.  Lotsa pineapples I hear. hehehehe… and we’re right at the back of Ponderosa.  So should I decide to quit all these things in the city, I could just go up there and sell pineapples by the roadside. Plant some vegetables and be a vegan or something. That’d be nice.   So again, going back to doctor sister, we are now pretty convinced that she’s happy with her new life.  That’s quite good. They want to bring all of us to the States.  They have two houses there. Either we stay in New York or Florida.  Oh well, there’s just no place like home, if you ask me.

We usually spend it a few days before Christmas. But this year, with all our crazy schedules, we didn’t have a choice but to spend it on a dead weekday after Christmas since the big C came in on a weekend. Well we just decided to do at our friend’s place.  While I was still scrounging for the exchange gift my baby asked for, they already prepared the pesto and the salad and the wine, the homemade brownies, even the much talked about chicken galantina from Dulcinea.  (Much talked about cuz it costs 700 a kilo).  We’ve been doing this since we were in college. And each year, I would say just gets better.  I still have yet to realize my wish for us to spend a Christmas get-together with a socio-civic relevance.  
Anyway, gift giving time, who gets what  :  Alma got what she wished for and even more, as Mommy Che gave her  the white bag she wanted including the Secosana bag that she was tryna avoid.hehehe…Then Ces handed Che the translucent powder she asked for  while Alma gave me the Dupe flips I was wishing for.  The bed sheet cum pillowcases went to Ces as she wished, thought I wouldn’t be able to find one.  Who woulda think that we’re actually in our late 20s??? Pics to prove…

It almost didn’t happen.  But tis the season to be happy and so why not?  It was also a chance to see old faces from Kool to Dream... catch up with the kwentos and all --over sumptuous food we brought to the table...take pictures as ever… and simply have a fantastic time…weeeeeeeeh!

I spent 3 grand on fireworks….well worth every cent.  Twas oh so beautiful!!!  And take note, I was the one who lit most of the pyros… thanks to the  katol technique I saw from one of the tambays in our neighborhood.  Hehehehehe!Astig!!!

Kuya Henry and Ate Cha’s gift was a pair of shoes from Naturalizer. I so adore them.  I insisted that they actually fit eventhough they were a size 9…well my right foot slid in perfectly and that’s what I was tryna show everyone…until I tried fitting the left pair.  Oh gadddddd… twas killing me.  Anyway, my sister gave me the receipt, and so I was able to have them exchanged for a size 10… but twasn’t that easy you see. I had to call in and ask if they could locate me the pair in that size.  They did…in Alabang!!! I thought I was supposed to go all the way to Alabang Town Center. Thank god…I just had to wait for a few more days and I can pick it up at Megamall.   I have yet to use them though.  It’s the rainy season, and I’d be doing a lot of walking. Not such a good idea.  Unless they’re sneakers, it’s not everyday that I’d get shoes that cost a couple of grand. Me the cheapskate that I am. Me the bargain hunter that I am. Me the one with the hard to find size.  Sigh.  

I was never a coffee junkie. Not even if I tried to.  But I’d been eyeing on that Starbucks planner since a friend brought it up.  I’d seen the one that came out last year, and I kinna liked it.  And so, I looked forward to the 2006 edition.  I tried asking the biggest coffee addict that I know that wouldn’t be interested in keeping such a girly stuff.  No matter how I tried begging him, pressuring him and all, he just wouldn’t give in. He said he’s gonna give me gc’s instead to spend for the coffee.  How sweet it is, right??? Dang…sigh!  Anyway, I got me a  simple pda from Kuya Henry and Ate Cha for my birthday… that’ll  try to make it up for the planner.  

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