Monday, December 12, 2005

when it rains pineapples...

It was Drew Barrymore’s Lucy in 50 First Dates which got us driving all the way up to Tagaytay one wet December weekend.  Hehehehe…inspired by her statement that they pick pineapples on birthdays:  “it’s a tradition!”.  And so my bestfriend Rachelle drove us to the hills and the traffic just to have late birthday lunch over at RSM and hopefully go picking some of them pineapples later.  However, the weather wasn’t too cooperative.  It was drizzling on our way up and then it just started to pour buckets and buckets soon after.  We got to RSM in one piece though. The food was excellent or perhaps we were just sooo hungry at 5pm…either way, we enjoyed the food.  Loved the kare-kare and the dessert.  

After late lunch cum early dinner, we had to rush back to Manila so that Cecille can make it to her brother’s thanksgiving dinner in QC… We also checked out the pineapples…no pineapple pickings though..just those being sold along the roadside. Rachelle also bought nice flowers..  We got a good deal on this really nice yellow and pink mums ... We also got us some mushroom burger for baon in case we still get hungry going home.  But alas, the way home proved to be problematic we were stuck in traffic for what- 45 minutes just a few meters from the town proper. I had to call to confirm the situation and lo and behold, traffic was backed up from Carmona to Bicutan and so it would be impossible for us to make it to QC that evening. Apparently, it was raining real hard over in Metro Manila too.  Our designated driver cum birthday celebrator Rachelle was already getting tired of driving all day we could see how she’s so sleepy and all. So we decided that we either rest or spend the night in Tagaytay…  so we drove back up and got us one of those transient places…  we stumbled upon a certain 5R house by the roadside.  We got us a pretty nifty room.  The bed was huge and it even had pull-out.  For 1200php twas a great bargain. We were to leave at around 5am so I could make it back to my boardwork at 9am.  Twas quite fun cuz we never really planned anything like staying in that place. We couldn’t change clothes. We didn’t have stuff with us also so we had to sleep in our clothes. We wanted to watch Pinoy Big Brother too just for the hell of it…that night being the so called Big Night.  oh well, I  just slept through the damn thing hehehehe…I couldn’t even make any more conversations.  So tired because I started my day pretty early that Saturday. Well at any given day for that matter..hehehehe.
Anyway, we were talking about Emily Rose, the exorcism on our way back that evening, so in the morning driving back home, we were tryna scare ourselves as fog was really thick and twas still pitch black dark with only the reflectors guiding us .   Twas a great trip cuz we managed to get back to Manila in an hour and a half. Fogs withstanding….hehehehe… twas fun..truly memorable.  Gad we’re no longer kids. Man, the girls are already engaging in long driving.  

I’m going back to the gym by tomorrow, I promise.  I’m still recuperating from last week’s setbacks.  Geez. I hope to fully recover this week as this is the last weekend before Christmas.  My sister is coming home this Friday and I expect to be loaded by the weekend..hehehehehe…w800i…come to hotmamma!!! Hahahaha…

I’ve yet to get back on my paperworks. I am seriously needing to finish stuff, like the IEPs and the evaluations and the journal and stuff…things needa be signed and all.  Anyway, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I wont get sick anymore so that I could finish everything before the week ends.

Oh, I’m gonna be pineapple picking myself soon.  Interesting! I didn’t know that my folks had our place in Silang planted with pineapples!!! Hopefully for my birthday, I could bring my friends up there..

Oh them pineapples!!! Yum-yum-yum!
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sweetmisery said...

Didn't Lucy pick pineapples on her dad's birthday? :)

Your Tagaytay trip sounds so much fun!! :)

radio goddess said... bad..on her father's birthday nga...hehehe.