Saturday, September 11, 2010

one september morn...

she couldn't stop thinking about's not easy. she never thought it would ever be. but she wanted it to stop. she tried. and tried. to no avail. 

isn't it amazing that the brain is just one mighty powerful and deceiving machine? it obviously just made up the concept of the heart having a mind of its own and that at one point, to be really happy, one must follow it? christ!

you don't teach the heart, you program your mind, silly.

it's going to end soon. just like it did before.and many times before that. she just wishes she'd still come out not too beat up.and that she would still have something left for the next one which hopefully would be the last and the best one.

could it be that boy? she hopes and secretly wishes.but it's going to be tough. she doesn't know what she's up against. but she claims she'd be okey to love from afar. she's gotten so used to it by now. she just wishes this time, there'd be something going out her way too.

where is this coming from? they say it's from the heart...uhm, it's meant to be said again- it's from the brain hunny...the brain...your hypothalamus gland where else?

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